Sant Ashram is founded by Sant Tripathi with the concept to educate people with genuine Astrological knowledge. Sant Tripathi has been practicing astrology for ten years for remedial purpose .

Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individuals mood, personality and environment depending on when he was born. An astrological consultation will reveal valuable insides about ones personality and dilemmas, one experience in life, but it will not change deep seated behaviour patterns or heal psychological wounds overnight. However since we humans are blessed with the faculty of self reflection we can choose to go beyond a mere description of our character and actually engage with this knowledge in a deeper way. If one finds the beauty of this language really speaks to him astrology becomes a kind of wisdom path that can lead to empowerment and desired life changes. This takes time commitment and development of self analysis. Besides helping in avoiding strains in marital relationships, business and professional matters. Astrology also helps in enjoying good health prosperity and spiritual advancement. It means astrology helps people to understand and to expect themselves and to exploit their potentials to the fullest.

Forecast never was the main purpose of astrology and by taking a forecast no one can get any advantage. But astrology can serve as some kind of guidance based on those indications, astrology can really alter the way, we act, think and can change our life for the better.

About Astrologer

I, Sant Tripathi is an astrologer with ten years of practical experience in remedial astrology. My journey to mystic world began at an early age of 12 years when I heard some predictions about me and other people from my father. Even though my father was a police officer yet his interest in astrology made him a great astrologer. His predictions used to make me wonder struck. His knowledge in astrology was really a subject of curiosity in me. I found astrology really running in my blood just because of my father was a blessed astrologer and astrology for him was a god gift. I started doing a comprehensive study of astrology, specially vedic system of astrology. My genuine effort and true knowledge of the subject has really converted me from a business man to a astrologer. My fathers blessings would always be with me in my journey as an astrologer. I am post graduate from English literature and at present I am the owner of several colleges.

For me astrology reading is a spiritual quest and I join you as a fellow traveler who helps you read the map so you can go in the direction that helps you grow the most or so you can weather a difficult storm in your life, or so you feel confirmed about your choices and experiences. So my main motive as an astrologer is improving self awareness and self direction unlocking the code of your potential, your purpose, your limitation, your blind spots, your gifts and your challenges.

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